Network Administration and Web Design

We are able to service our clients with a total package. From designing and maintaining their business network, to web based projects and hosting. Many times, businesses do not realize they can streamline their workflow by enhancing tasks and putting them onto the internet. By taking the time to talk with clients and evaluate their workflows, we can suggest improvements that take yesterdays workflows and integrate them with todays technologies.

Network Administration:
We have experience with many industry specific software vendors that allows us to work through problems in an efficient manner. Knowing all of the nuances of software is the key to setup and maintenance. From small 5 person companies to larger 70 person companies, the need is the have their entire network functioning to where they can concentrate on their work and not on ours. Managing routers, firewalls, switches, servers, and large application software like SQL and Exchange is just a small example of what we do.

Web Design:
Using the most flexible language available, we can make dynamic web content that suits many of your business needs. Some of our web projects are used by thousands of users, contain sensitive data, and have to be readily available 24/7. We accomplish this with precision and hard work. A little known fact is that many websites are only backed up once a week by the hosting company and in business applications, a week of lost data is too much. We have full nightly backups and ensure that your data is available in the event of a disaster.