Professional computer and technology solutions for small businesses in Northeast Ohio since 1995.

Our commitment to customer service is the foundation of our business and your peace of mind.
Our Philosophy:
We provide professional services without charging the associated high prices. We guide our clients to provide the best return on their investment. We keep our skills, tools, and knowledge current to provide the best service possible. We value lasting client relationships and will go out of our way to provide the best possible results.
The Difference:
We know that your business needs to produce a return; therefore we will layout a number of options to generate the business you expect. We will recommend some options more than others because our experience shows that they create results. We also know that your personal computing needs are a large part of your entire PC computing experience and that a broken PC or software application can hinder that. We will provide solutions to better enjoy your life with a PC and most importantly, we understand business opportunities may only last a short time, so we will rearrange priorities (personal and professional) to get the job done for the client.